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my philosophy– Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor, Louis Henri Sullivan, is considered to be “the father of modernism” and coined the phrase “Form Follows Function”. This philosophy is part of my matrix. A solid foundation is created with careful consideration to balance, scale and texture. Thoughtful integration of client’s collections, art and sentimental pieces should never be overlooked.

about_1 Kevin was born into the construction industry and his first designs were literally created in crayon. In recalling his path to his profession, Kevin found detailed architectural floor plans of homes he had designed at the age of 8. These plans included the structural design, furnishings and landscaping as well.

From the young age of 10, Kevin worked for his father’s construction company in suburban Detroit. They built apartment complexes, condominiums, and custom homes. By the age of 16, he was an Apprentice Carpenter creating finish carpentry and building multi-level decks in the summer. At 18, Kevin was assisting new home-buyers with architectural revisions and finish selections in the sales center after school and on the weekends. Kevin understands the real estate industry from concept to execution and living. It’s all he’s ever known.

Kevin had a great role model that believed in entrepreneurship. Amongst the construction business, Kevin’s father was an investor and owned the first discothèque in suburban Detroit. During the day it was a successful restaurant where Kevin was fortunate enough to learn about the hospitality and restaurant industry. This business taught Kevin how to adapt, think quickly on his feet, and deal directly with customers.

He attended The College for Creative Studies. This remains in the top 3 colleges for art and design in the United States today. His first interior design commission occurred during his sophomore year. It was the complete restoration of a 15,000 square foot mansion built in 1927 in the beautiful and historic city of Grosse Pointe, MI. Kevin relocated to Chicago, IL in 1995 and founded Saxon Interiors and Idlewild Import & Exports.

about_2 He has a track record of working on multiple projects with unlimited budgets. His client base includes MLB player’s homes, Aretha Franklin to the former Chief of Staff of the White House, Rahm Emmanuel. His keen eye for detail and methodical project planning have delivered memorable projects. His collaborative nature allowed him to partner with alongside all tradesmen in all areas of home building and interior design, from plumbers to painters to upholsterers and drapery makers. Additionally, at some point and time along the way, Kevin has dabbled in all of these jobs in one capacity or another, giving him a well-rounded sense of reality.

Kevin is an expert in all facets of the interior design business. From hands-on project management to daily operations including sales, marketing, purchasing, financing/budgeting, and customer service.

Kevin’s talents in the design industry have also collided with the business world in a happenstance situation in working on the new Chicago headquarters for Comcast Cable Communications. This led to the position of Corporate Account Manager yielding another brilliant talent Kevin brings to the table. Kevin acquired all the knowledge to develop programs that were adapted nationally by Comcast and still utilized today. “Although not related to interior design, it was the hardest work I have ever experienced. I worked with top executives nationally from varying industries, developing and revising sales and legal contracts to fit into the marketing of Comcast products and services.”- Kevin Saxon

Today, Kevin finds himself immersed with high-end, luxurious interior design properties and looks forward to the opportunities in the Fort Lauderdale area.

History: Idlewild Collective

about_3In 2005, after two decades of exploration and collecting Idlewild Chicago was opened-An urban design firm and retail boutique. Saxon relocated to South Florida in 2010 and created the Idlewild Collective. A full-service interior design firm and Hunter Douglas Window Treatments Dealer.




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